Live video performances vary from simple club video mixing to detailed performances of custom video content to accompany different musicians and performers. That being said, this is an abridged list of the events that best represent the widest range. Events marked with a * indicate that planning, booking, stage management, environment design and promotion were also done.

- exact dates and locations vary and will be updated -

Trick or Bass by React Presents
Live Halloween VJ mix for Dieselboy, Cookie Monsta, Ruckus, & Cenob1te
VJ partner Chip Powered with special content from Stoptime341.
Chicago, IL
October 2011

Live theatrical video backdrops and sets
Several dates in July 2008

Celebration Remix
Multiple Screens and Projection Installation and Live Mix
Jupiter Outpost at the Guerrilla Truck Show
Chicago, IL
June 2008

Night of Many Hands @ Looptopia*
Palmer House Hilton
May 2008

Chicago Loop Alliance
Looptopia Benefit Event at the W Hotel
March 2008

Video Game Event
Chicago Cultural Center
July 2007

MF Chicago Stage Looptopia
May 2007

Chicago Loop Alliance
Looptopia Benefit Event
February 2007

Grindhouse Cinema Guest VJ*
Berlin Nightclub
several dates 2006/2007

Velvetron, K-rAD*
Subterranean, Around the Coyote Festival
September 2005

Office, Velvetron
Ice Factory

Various Acts @ Locale Sunday’s

January 2005

Surgical Science Museum
Networking event for The Businesses of Greater North Michigan Ave.
November 2004