Often times I am asked ‘What do you do?’ There is no easy way to answer this. I have successfully blurred the lines between my work and art. I not only create works of my vision, but I often help foster ideas and bring an aesthetic consideration to projects that would normally not have it.

My art has changed much over the years. I started my first exhibition using recycled computers and now I focus on video work and designing the setting in which these videos are viewed. Along the way there have been many linear video works shown in a classic festival setting as well as large exterior projections for public experience.

It has been an interesting contrast to work collaboratively to create large performances as well as pushing boundaries creatively and technically for my solo gallery exhibitions.

I consider my ‘work’ to be commissioned art, usually advertising in nature. I have worked for agencies large and small and on accounts ranging from global companies to small businesses and new business campaigns and identity. After much consideration I have tried my best to showcase here the work that solely highlights my purest creative intentions.

Often times through the course of these projects the initial vision and aesthetic can be changed or will have a multitude of designers working within it. If you are interested in a more diverse selection of my advertising work, please feel free to email me.